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Punkbuster not updating apb

punkbuster not updating apb-80

Process name: Punk Buster Service Component Product: Punk Buster Company: Even Balance ( File: Pnk Bstr Pnk Bstr A is one component of the Punk Buster Client which is installed on a user's PC by an online multi-player game that incorporates Punk Buster technology by Even Balance, Inc.

Like academic cheating it is widespread with many complex forms and has spawned an industry of hackers who develop and sell ways to gain unfair advantage in a game.It is "required" To play on Punkbuster protected servers, however it is spyware in the fact that it continues to run even when the game is not running, it hogs memory resources and it's EULA and Privacy Policies are Illegal. However, if Pnk Bstr is bugging you in the Taskmanager, even if you're not playing online, just go stop the service (Run -- services.msc), find run Pn Kbstr and disable it. May be for the good of games but can also be complete and uttely malware !!!"Forced down the throat" so to speak when installing various games; however instead of running as part of THAT game it runs at start-up and is known to cause problems with several other games in the process. I was playing BFp4f and i complained about some cheater on the forum. It seem to be neccessary for playing some famous online games (Battlefield , Cod 4,and many others) But this program still run after closing the game,it boot when you start your computer.It uses and attributes a modified version of the MD5 Algorithm authored by RSA Data Security.Punk Buster is sold directly to many software companies marketing multiplayer online games for incorporation into their products, for two main reasons: to avoid charging the end user for its protective functions, and because it operates on a client/server basis requiring the existence on the Internet of multiple Punk Buster Servers to track the identity and behavior of the many users of online multiplayer games and to record and enforce temporary or permanent bans on those found hacking or cheating.If a "non-Microsoft" file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! This is the punkbuster anti-cheat software that runs in the background.

It can be disabled if you're not going to be playing the punkbuster enabled games.

i do not have Apb anymore, i want this damn Pnk Bstr A GONE. i tried the "uninstal" button, and it did not work!

As many other sayd, Pnk Bstr is nothing dangerous,because many games use it as an anti-cheat program,wherefore, there are hackers who create trojans with the same process name so it can be cloaked...

but beware that if you disable punkbuster some games will not work like Battlefield 2142 demo.

for more info on how to stop dumb shits messing about when your trying to have a serious game click on the link Punk Buster is installed with some online games. Pnk Bstr A and B are services that can be seen in MSConfig.

It should NEVER run when no games are being played; however, it runs all the time and conusmes valuable resources which slows older systems (prior 2008).