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Proper internet dating etiquette

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If you're in a busy restaurant where the staff look harassed and stressed, you might attempt to do what you can to make their job run more smoothly.

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The server will feel obliged to stop what they're doing to clear it so it doesn't look bad that you're sitting at a dirty table, and they'll also have to reach over you to clear up, which is awkward for everyone.If there is an issue, then you might not want to trouble your server with it.However, complaining directly to the manager risks getting them into trouble, whereas they will be happy to resolve the issue for you if you raise it with them directly.You might think you're saving the staff a job by not waiting to be seated, but establishments have seating charts that allocate tables based on how many each server is working on at the time.If you choose your own it interferes with the system and can leave one individual overloaded.With the boom of the IT industry, large numbers of women were starting to take on more core responsibilities in the corporate setup.

The modern woman took to the ‘’ as a more convenient option.

The neatly donned, pinned up ‘’ as the attire to be worn by teachers and lecturers.

The ‘90’s saw a big change, and business attire for women in India took on a whole new dimension.

Women who worked in large multinational companies were also used to seeing their foreign counterparts dressed in pants suits or skirted suits, and a few ventured to try these out.

However, it is in the last decade that the pants suits and the skirted suits have become a big hit with Indian women.

While some bars and restaurants will appreciate you doing this, beware if the glasses look fragile.