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Pretty little liars 6x05 online dating

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mastermind Marlene King on the line to answer some of our biggest questions, including: Did Charles fully transition into a female?Who is the “He” that’s coming for Alison after the time jump?

We have enough story to take us to the end of Season 7, and we’re going to let the fans tell us if they’re ready to say goodbye to this world and these characters.D., echoed King's comments about Hanna's fate and subsequent romantic future. "She's always very on the defensive when someone [gets] close to Alison that she doesn't know so yeah you get to see that [side] come out in her."A "jealous" Ali and "pitbull" Emily?"We don't even know if Hanna's alive," he said, "But I think there will always be some element of Haleb alive."The actor continued, "I think those two will always have so much love for each other because they were each other's first real love."If Hanna does survives her kidnapping, you can bet that the topic of her smooch with Caleb -- who is currently dating Spencer -- will certainly be addressed. She thinks she's going mad, but no, she just has another evil person in her life."Despite the Radley-filled times ahead, Pieterse acknowledged that there is one woman in Ali's life who has always stuck by her side. Sounds like season seven could finally be the year of Emison."They had their amazing sexy time, but she is still with Liam -- as far as she knows -- so we find her asking Ezra, 'What are we? ' and That's where we start our story."Although Hale describes Aria's relationship with Liam as a "safe choice," the 27-year-old actress admits that sometimes the more "complicated" road is the better one in the long run."I think in her heart she knows what she wants," she explained.I’m not going to say, because I think it’ll be fun for fans to wait and find out.

All the people who are in the show now are still in our world when we come back.

"I don’t want to talk too much about who ends up with whom, but it's a lot of fun along the way and I think all the fans -- no matter who you ship -- are going to be happy with some of the episodes."RELATED: 'Pretty Little Liars' Boss Talks Season 7 Secrets, Amping Up the Sex and the 'PLL' Movie! ) who were cheering with glee at Aria and Ezra's hot and heavy makeout sesh in the season six finale, King promises that Ezria fans will get some immediate answers.

"We definitely start that story where we left it," she said.

"If she doesn't find out, she's gonna know." The actress added that the Liars' friendships "could be rattled" as the season highlights how "adult relationships" are handled in the real world."I think a lot of people, when they first saw Hanna and Caleb kiss, they were like, 'OMG! ' and it's like, 'No, actually, relationships can be confusing.' There can be those old wounds that are opened up or old attractions that are still there, and they have to be handled and they have to be talked about, but it doesn't necessarily mean the end of a relationship."As for the Spoby side of things, Keegan Allen confessed that his allegiance to Spencer and Toby's relationship has never waivered.

"You know, fans and I are very much Spoby shippers," he said.

And how can she ] I think they got out of the basement after the end of last week’s episode; the police found out they were down there.