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Anyway, the LSD is worn out and I need to pick up new clutches for it.I found and ordered the clutch and steel plates, but it doesn't come with new shim plates,... l=7495015100257435436 https:// this run is when I switched to afr 205 from flo-tek heads no other change made ...

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Maybe that is whyyou don't see them in your street some days? he will wait and hand the mail directly to him Am on a first name basis with the letter postie. 3.00pm is fine for us and we don't mind not having the 6.00pm clearing and pick-up.As a business, you have every right to be annoyed, and remember, they are being paid to deliver every day, so are ripping off AP as well as you.I know a bit about AP requirements (used to work in the regulatory area) and am certain that, unless you are way out in the boonies, their contract with AP requires them to deliver every day.From those who have been there, point me toward a pan that clears the sway bar and the rack.I don't want to have to start adding spacers to stuff to keep from rubbing a hole in my too expensive...Maybe that is whyyou don't see them in your street some days? As a contractor you are paid to take the daily mail delivery and yes, sometimes it is more than expected, but that does not mean you can leave stuff behind just because you think it is too much for the day.

Here's an example from earlier on this week - A high-school that is in the N1 Sydney needed a class set of 50 texts .

My BIL is an ex-postie who had a round when AP privatised their rounds but then gave it up for another business venture a few years ago, so I know about the posties picking and choosing their own times to deliver.

But how can AP still say "next day delivey" when I swear they leave our street out some days.

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But what really needs to be considered when exploring a solution?

Ms Williams is raising funds for the Spread a Little Sunshine charity.