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B' When a scanner converts a photograph or line drawing into a digital form the computer can understand.

A typical photograph will have up to 256 shades of grey although when I tested some of the samples in this review, many had less than 200 greys.£169.99 S40Mb„£ia4.99 e50Mb...t2S9.99 3»5" Htdr'iv B upgrade kit no HD only IJ£l8.99 Includes set up software^ cables and full instructions. Call (39.99 (79.99 £130.99 (262.99 (399.99 £34.99 £1 10.99 99 ABC Colour printer £145.99 I Hialiquilit T Portalble CDl Qur pr Jntfl P, Itl paen ASF bu HUn. Comei u Ivte BJ200ex £229.99 """T^.t^H'^o'r^'nr.'r'" I HIjtt ipi^£d,liigh ^luliiic mnnn priivtcr, virtual 7II dpi. Full rangeof SCSI& IDE drives always in stock, calll! tmr Tfef- r Brtee Nakamichi-MBRT £335.99 « Allows up to T CD ROM disks to be instiled. M bfud Ed dsb onfc witli ttcli p H MULi I y^ COLOUR «i»^ "sp N Disk labels W 500 £6.99 ' 1 000 £9.99 1 Capacity box £0.99 50 Capacity lockable box £3.99 1 00 Capacity lockable box £5.49 *90Capaiity Banxbox £10,99 * I S C apaeity Ptassobox £20.99 l OOCapacity CDholder £4.99 '^^d £!oiil^ LI J.4.99 if boujlvt w Id MMJE iti* cotour opilan I Canon BJC4000 Colour £299.99 N£ WHPro jet H Colour £2S4.99 ■ " "' ur. N.w Colour mftj H prirtrr with tuilt ifniitp ait Mt feeder I NE WCanon BJ C6 OOe Col ou r £439.99 NEW!! A600/I200 Hard Drive set up software £5.99 PRIMA aiuja ACD-300 ...! •scsi.i iiitfirfii* n Mi V •a OOWsecdualraflfal Hn Hicteutlme WMLT VAi^lio CSdedk Weff Dpcfatiantiuttar H £ | ^9.99 ■Suppijni K Sanyo-H94AX2 £126.99 • 3213M5 Acce&s t Mtfe*]0(KB trwsfer raw. u Putty SCSI II cormpatibki t Dual s|m«J drive Dataflyer4000SX-2S £89.99 SCSI II interface card, allows ccmnection of any SCSI device into big box Amir's. t.00 d Eiivcry if pfjrf hajin| f U£t oits Posso or box.RD FIBST COMPl/TER CENTRE ^^B ■ mm ^r iht ,•/) I fo Ucvr i^ini. AA11 EUrti R: frwrt i A« Ar til* lb* ■la^air bi' ih# A44.T hii t TTfr|»ffer a FREE qisotitifw on your | Amija or- p -e r I p li e r ; W (ftioniuri, prliittf^ I " ^^ etc). lupert4ti« compatible hama290 £669.99 1 S-Vldtii,aodcwnp«iftn Twin&f*ni'fiir Tnw^ /lama A-Cut editor £179.99 Rendale8802FMC £159.99 Superb entry level genl CKk, with pro f«tur» Rendale9402 £285.99 1 Full It JAnjrtd, Supsr-VHS gertlock Supm F^MMoaem Si^raf^^MMod Bm 288 • Uptoll U»bpj M2iila) •ciasill IFi T • 3ltan EAA Cr Aijp i Fkif.You could, for example, use a video digitiser or Photo CD.

Both have advantages and disadvantages and before we get down to the business of reviewing some scanners, a word or two about these options. oll the video Video digitising is one, for example, This is a term which describes a piece of hardware like Pro Grab or Vidi Amiga, that can convert a video signal into a form the Amiga can understand.

A delivery tanff I ^^^' °^ '"^^ £^.^I( B^^ alternadvd^ f Ov af I ^^ visft our Btiowi Toom. 01 13 2319444 Hard Drives CD ROM Drives 1 MB RAM £89.99 1MB RAM (125,99 4 MB RAM (189.99 8 MB RAM £333.99 IMB*3JMHl COPBO (143.99 4MB«33 MHi COPRO (314,99 8MBi,33MHi COPRO (3S7.99 Part exchange: available on your nld mf^mory. A500; S00 /6O0 RAM Exoansior IPni MAAS00 5l2li RAM (no cluck) (19.99 | Ip RIMAASOth Plusl Mb RAM £1??? Memory Modules 3.5" Hard Disk Drives with A I 200/600 install kit f Wc rec Dimnend 3.5" drivci br ritted by rully qua^r^^j ngkleein) Inc. if, J n^il'rtiil ioburi Alpha Scan 800 £99.99 EOO dpi, 256 ^p'jcaic, works on all Amigas Alpha Scan256 £139.99 256 £'3calie,full OCR softw^rcrcq, HD to use OCP. Iii^lud^t fr^^ iwm^ 1^ (rqii; F«.)vr« Jr t (44LC only £152.99 [!

I We can also an'a^e n cburier plehup I a C jin u Micivns I cost vf £ 1 1 . software, cables and instructions 260Mb..£t 54.99 420Mb,.. 2 Pin SI MM I 2Mb 72 Pin SIMM 4Mb T2Pin SIMM 8 Mb 72 Pin SIMM li Mb72 pin SIMM I Mb 30 pin SIMM 4Mb3Qpin SIMM 256 by 4 DRAM (Dl Li) I Mbby4Zl PPS |2S(by4ZIPPS Part exchange avail Did memory. II.11aliiitics WE ARE PREFERRED USR DEALERS W 39 Spor MBr'288 F j^ only £225.99 Wl L''^^0^ reatwes V34, W,a OT BPS, "'^i^^^ BABT ]^pprov«d \ti Vm (livu Er both the game player and the mare serious user. 9 when purchased with monitor All monitor dust covnrs only £5.99 only £59.99 I The amu Jng new £r^phi[:s tab Fet fnr the Amiga I developed with the help of First Computers, 94% 1 rated in Amig^ Shoppt-r. Disks/Storage Boxes QTY Bulk DSf DD Branded OS/DD I 10 £3.49 M.49 }0 t9.99 £11.99 so L i S.99 £ 1 S.99 l OO £29.99 £35.99 100 £5J.99 £63.49 SDO f 1 18.79 £142.99 l OOO £211.99 £2S3.99 Alt Utsiif i^s IS■t IEll i Dffi.

till 7.30pni ^ HOW TO ORDER Order by cdephone quoting ypur credit card number. DELIVERY TARIFFS "^t^TC.„^ ►standard delivery CI.9S Tel Cph One 2.3Week Days £2.95 24 HOUR MAIL ORDER SERVICE FAX: 01 1 3 23 I9I9I i Next Week Day £4.95 NEW BBS Modem sales & technical line Tel 01 13 23 M 422 COMPUTER CENTRE RAM Expansion PRIMA I Realise the full potential of your All OO Mth ch« Prima Technologies trapdoor I RAM expansion, i ncl i^d cv r«al time clock.

If paying by chequo ploase make payable to: 'Tm ST COMPUTER CENTRE" In any correspondence ptease quote a ph«ie number, post code & Dept Allow 5 working days cheque clearance SHOWROOM ADDRESS: DEPT. IV/SA LOW INTEREST FINANCE AVAILABLE (subject to status) •All prices include VAT @ I 7.5% •Large showroom with parking •Multi-million pound connpany •Overseas orders welcome •Educational purchase orders welcome OPEN7DAYSAWEEK 'easy access from M62, mi and the At "l M4KM41I J AKHi-EV ^ Mil KIRHSTAL L.

Squirre JSCSI interface £40.00 When bousfiti Mith drive, £54,99 Kpajr^tc. Normai deiiverif when purdiased wirii □th^r prtiduf^t or wiicn b Ltyini 2 or moro. We reserve Ihe righl lo change prices - ycu will be informerf of any ciiange wfien you order.