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With its total floor space of 12,000 m², the Urban Planet pavilion addressed the complex processes marking urbanization.

The pavilion was one of the largest in this Expo 2010.The exhibition was characterized by a dichotomous structure illustrating the two-faced character of the city as both a consumer of environment and as a place for innovation and technology in the service of an ecological renewal for the future.It reflected the potential of destruction emanating from the cities, the threats facing the ecosystem, and the depletion of Earth's natural resources.Instead of using several jerking movements, the driver turns the steering wheel a tiny amount to the right and leaves it there, giving a smooth turn.Planes adjust for the curvature of the Earth using a similar manoeuvre by having the controls adjusted to maintain a constant altitude.Aircraft do not need to regularly adjust their flight angle for the curvature of the Earth because they can maintain a constant altitude.

Think of the plane's path as if you were in a car driving along a road that has a very slight curve to the right.

A self-titled 'realist' has tried to prove the earth is flat by taking a spirit level on a plane to back his outdated theory.

You Tuber video blogger D Marble attempted to discredit scientific fact by taking the DIY tool onto a flight from North Carolina to Seattle.

A 7,000 m² multifunctional room in the building's centre had an atrium onto which some of the individual pavilions opened.

Construction was completed in September 2009 before interior construction began.

The Expo 2010 is also the most expensive fair in the history of World's Fair, with more than 45 billion US dollars invested from the Chinese Government Three of the five theme pavilions were located in the Central Exhibition Building constructed by the host country.