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Pictures dating in the dark cast

Mikkel sneaks away from the hospital and returns to the caves; after injuring himself, he calls for help.In 2019, Ulrich, also having returned to the caves, hears his faint calls, but they are unable to see each other.

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Mikkel is brought to the hospital by nurse Ines Kahnwald, who gains his trust.Beginning in 2019, the story soon spreads to include storylines in 19 via time travel, as certain characters of the show's core families slowly grow aware of the existence of a wormhole in the cave system beneath the local nuclear power plant, under the management of the influential Tiedemann family.During the first season, the secrets of the Kahnwald, Nielsen, Doppler, and Tiedemann families begin to be revealed, and their lives start to crumble as the ties between the disappeared children and the history of the town and its citizens becomes evident.Meanwhile, as the town's electricity is flickering, a teenaged Charlotte starts investigating the deaths of multiple birds, while shy young Hannah has an unrequited crush on Ulrich, and Regina is being bullied and engage in self-harm.A flock of sheep is found dead from cardiac arrest with their eardrums ruptured.The next day, the body of a young boy is discovered, but it is not Mikkel.

At an unknown location, a hooded figure straps Erik to a chair, while clamping a mechanism around his head.

In an undisclosed location, a man, surrounded by clocks, tinkers with a brass machine.

In 2019, Jonas finds maps and notes about the caves in his family's garage, while Charlotte tries to find a connection between the disappeared boys and the dead birds, which – just like the dead boy – are found to have burst eardrums.

Meanwhile, Ulrich is also cheating on his wife, high school principal Katharina, with Jonas' mother Hannah.

While searching for Erik's stash of drugs in a cave not far from the town's soon-to-be closed down nuclear power plant, Jonas, Bartosz, the three Nielsen children, and schoolmate Franziska Doppler are frightened by strange sounds and their flickering flashlights, and Mikkel disappears as they flee the cave.

, hacker Elliot Alderson was struggling with a gunshot wound. Wong (the hacker Whiterose, aka Chinese Minister of State Security, Zheng) has been promoted to series regular, suggesting the Dark Army will play a more prominent role in this season.