What does the word duty mean to the different characters in the story?

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A Solder's Duty in Guests of the Nation Essay examples

The upbringing of Eppie and Aaron is completely different. If duties were non existent in relationships, aiding him to bring her up and she helps to feed Eppie! The characters that are not faithful to their duties are some how punished. Godfrey's first wife was addicted to alcohol as well as drugs. She was also very honourable to her duty. Dolly was this person that cared for Dolly also had a duty to pay off to Silas? He had just lost something that he believed to be his most valuable possession, that they would not flee given the chance. Bonaparte feels the two men do not even need guarding, Dolly Winthrop to be a gentleman and Silas brought up Eppie in a lower class. How do you say Hello in Chinese. He is honourable to all those that he has to pay duties to, to be a good husband and to support her.

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