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Photoshop 2 pictures together online dating

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And, of course, there is that “A picture is worth a thousand words” adage.I always thought knew that copying and pasting photos found on the internet was a definite no-no given that you have to assume any image you find online is protected by copyright, whether here in the US or from another country extending such rights, unless otherwise indicated. When I speak on this topic, one of the questions I asked of the audience is how many people have had a photo stolen. I usually go on to ask how many people have used taken images straight from Google Images.

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If you don’t want to link or give credit, either take the photo yourself or find images that are in the public domain.The following is not a comprehensive list, just the ones I like to use.Read over the rules so you know exactly what type of attribution you must provide.If the photo is only on your hard drive there really is no significant issue regarding unauthorized copying.It’s when you upload your photo to a photo sharing site, your website, your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platform when the potential for someone to use your image comes into play.There is a difference between copyright infringement and plagiarism and it’s important to know the difference.

But the Photo Did Not have a Copyright Notice On It!

There is often a misconception that you have to ‘do something’ to get a copyright. And no, you don’t have to mail yourself a copy (often referred to as the “poor man’s copyright”).

The current version of the Copyright Act does not require any filings to obtain a copyright. As a general rule, just assume that if you find an image on the internet that it is covered by copyright.

Then, if you want to use the photo, that should alert you to do some extra work to find out who owns the image.

US Copyright laws the author to include a copyright notice.

This makes photo copyright laws very broadly applicable to online content creators.