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Phnom penh dating scammers

The current ownership took over a while back and the shop has been offering the same standard of service for several years.I don’t need to go too much into the history of Annie’s in this review.

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At Annie’s, you know what you’re going to get before you even get there, and that’s a guaranteed good time. You can take a taxi or a the BTS train (which is quite nice, and inexpensive) to Nana Station. Walk past Nana Plaza (I know it’s tough, but you have to do it if you want to get to Annie’s).Even though they look something like backrooms in Times Square in the 1970’s they are still a draw.The decor is good enough to get the job done and of course that isn’t the draw for customers in any case.Places like Afterskool that do have dancing charge around the same rates when all is said and done though Magic Table is more private and offers less expensive drinks.Perhaps most interesting is that the rate for this and other services (including full service for 2000 Baht) is printed on menus which is like something right out of a Macau sauna.In front there is an outdoor patio where women who work at the bar sometimes hang out and at least one or two guys can usually be seen nursing a beer.

Why people chose to drink in locations like this is anyone’s guess but I guess it’s no worse than any “regular” bar that can be found in Bangkok.

Magic Table is a go go bar with more located only steps away from the now famous Dr BJ’s Salon which I first reviewed way back in early 2013.

With private rooms in the back where dancers can provide oral services and more the place is something like Afterskool on Soi Cowboy.

Magic Table does follow the typical go go model in some ways.

The women working are able to go out of the bar and spend some time with customers during working hours if a bar fine is paid. As a unique take on the BJ bar phenomenon Magic Table stands out even if it gets little credit or notice.

There often standouts and sometimes even a real star will emerge.