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Pellessimo jacka online dating

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Paul Janka is also known for his focus on 'efficiency' and what he calls an 'industrial' approach to picking up women (or hustling as he calls it).He emphasizes investing the least amount of time possible to pick up women.

Since 2007 he has been coaching men on how to meet women and become 'Casanovas' themselves.Paul Janka is a 30 something playboy from New York, one of the biggest the city has ever had (by number of women slept with).He fell into the role of a 'dating coach' when he was accidentally discovered by the media in the New York area.He tells many stories where it didn't work out with women as well as the many stories where it does. In 2007, Paul Janka wrote an e Book entitled Attraction Formula.He relayed his experiences and his transformation from a "20-year old virgin to a playboy who have slept with 146 beautiful women".Soon, he met another player, who had similar goals and they began swapping notes, theories and learning from each others mistakes and successes.

His circle of friends were well aware of his playboy lifestyle because he constantly had new women at the parties he held or was invited to.

Janka's advice is widely known to be effective during the day.

"Day Game" is his specialty, teaching men how to meet women in places you visit daily such as the grocery store, your office or school, or a coffee shop.

When he arrived in New York as a consequence he naturally began to spend more time chasing women and developed a relatively extreme player lifestyle.

In NYC Paul Janka spent a lot of time picking up women, and became pretty good at it.

Bankers would even use it when planning their dates and talking amongst themselves, asking themselves "What would Janka do? The document got indexed by Google at this time and a reporter from "Psychology Today" found it.