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Patti novack dating coach

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This was easily one of the biggest presidential affairs in history.

This affair apparently led to the birth of a son named West Ford. Shortly after meeting each other, these two apparently had a sexually scandalous meeting at Bing Cosby’s house.In his two marriages, he fathered an unbelievable 15 children. There are a ton of rumors out there that he also fathered many children with his slaves.While oral history confirms this, it is impossible for DNA to ever prove this as most were sold off as slaves.Another of Clinton’s mistresses comes in at the 8th spot.Even the first president wasn’t immune to sex scandals.Mondale was the daughter of a former Vice President, but that didn’t stop Clinton from allegedly carrying on an affair with her.

According to a secret service agent, the two were involved.

She released a book that claimed she was not only Harding’s mistress, but also that she had his child before he became president.

This was questioned for years but finally proven via DNA results in 2015.

This approach can not only help you with dating, but with all aspects of your life! Novak — Professional Matchmaker & Dating Coach Kurt T.

Either way, here are the 14 biggest presidential mistresses.

If there was one “vice” that was most shared among past presidents, it would have to be adultery. Some were very public, while others have been rumors for decades.