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Pastors dating sites

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Adults ages 18 to 25 desperately need Christians who care enough about them to mentor them, so their faith will become stronger - not weaker - during that critical time in their lives.

He is also the architect of the Orange Conference and one of the founders of North Point Community Church.Remember that all you need to accomplish as a mentor is simply getting to know the students better and challenging them to seek God more. Seek to learn all you can about them, which will let them know that you genuinely care about them and motivate them to open up to you about their spiritual journeys. Speak into their lives when they go through troubling circumstances.College students are bound to encounter trouble, just like everyone else in this fallen world.If you connect your own journey of wonder, discovery, and passion with their lives, you can help them move closer to God.Also, their youthful idealism, curiosity, and imagination can spark fresh spiritual growth in your life.The family of Christ Jesus was not well known or wealthy, and Isaiah tells us that Jesus was an ordinary man – that there was nothing about him that caused him to stand out in a crowd.

In fact, he avoided crowds, and if a crowd began to grow around him, he would share stories of people who gave their all…

But the college years are a crucial time for people to engage in relationships that give them encouragement and support.

During college, young adults face important decisions that affect the course of their lives, like what careers to pursue and who to marry.

Any kind of spiritual struggle can be traced back to a wonder for God that's been lost, an identity that isn't yet discovered, or a passion that has faded.

So seize moments the moments you encounter to incite wonder, provoke discovery, and fuel passion in college students' lives.

Let the students you mentor see how you're continuing to grow closer to God yourself, as He works in your life.