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They then tried to correct the mistake by stamping a "1" over the first "4" - it doesn't show too well in the photo as it merges with the downstroke of the "4". Interestingly, again in the case of BSA Rocket 3s, some very late 1971 engines were used for the first 1972 models.The earliest run of BSA Triples were assembled in varying months - but were collectively stamped with a given month ID. The production run of 1971 bikes ended with A75R JE01184.

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Bláznivý příběh party mladíků, zakládajících rockovou skupinu, jejíž slibně se rozvíjející kariéru přeruší povolávací rozkazy pro její členy.The last shipment of four bikes was on 8th September 1972. Production for this model was started, as usual, in August of the preceding year (1974) and ran through July 1975.However, some of the very last bikes were built in late 1975 and into early 1976.Frame and Engine numbers would have matched when the bike left the factory.The first code letter indicates the month of manufacture.This system was used throughout the production run of the Tridents and the Rocket 3s.

Engine and Frame numbers are composed of a model identifier, a two character date code (month and year) and a five digit, sequential serial number.

This would explain why sometimes bikes with early serial numbers were shipped a couple of days later than bikes with subsequent serial numbers.

The last batch of BSA Triples shipped to the US market went out in two shipments in early November 1971.

I Wonder hove many were produced I know it is rear and from Japan. The serial # is on a plate on the back of the body right below the neck- 1048649. Any info on this hand crafted, made in Japan, A790? I have an Aria Custom guitar serial number 1522 model number.

It is in rosewood and have the Three of life on the neck and the back is tree pice. I Recently purchased an Aria Flamenco AC150F with superb tone and playability. Looks like the serial number is a small pasted sticker within the larger ARIA label which says handmade in Spain and supervised by Shiro Arai? The model number is faded but it looks like a W to start off. Oh yeah the guitar pick guard has drawings on it on top a butterfly and flowers on the bottom looks like a cutaway shape on the pick guard. No serial number is listed but I found the number 46226 stamped on the heel of the guitar.

On some models the model identifier appears at the beginning and on other models the model identifier appears at the end.