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Parks and recreation ann dating

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(In the final episode, we learn that the donor is actually Jerry.) Their child is freakishly precocious and fiercely dedicated to human rights, and grows up with Ann's previous boyfriends as warm uncle figures.

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The couple plans to move to Nashville, where Andy can pursue his musical career as lead singer in "Mouse Rat." In a shocking twist, April weakly attempts to stab Ann in the heart with a blunt wooden stake, mumbling, "You soul-sucking witch." Ann easily deflects the attack, and April tries to hook up with Tom to inspire Andy's jealousy.We won't buy those monogrammed wedding gifts just yet.Schur goes on to say that his writing staff has been talking about hooking up Tom and Ann since season three because they wanted to do something more casual, and comical."We have a lot of soul-matey relationships, with Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ben (Adam Scott) and Andy (Chris Pratt) and April (Aubrey Plaza)," Schur explains, "and we just wanted to do a comedy relationship.It's sort of an April, Tom and Ann triangle as far as who's affected."As for you fans who are hoping for another surprising pairing, Leslie and Ron, sorry, but don't hold your breath! ) unaware, is pretty much the funniest show on television right now."The one thing we've never contemplated at any level is Leslie and Ron," Schur admits. Full of great surprises and laugh-out-loud moments." The couple, thoroughly accustomed now to mutual hatred, remain together until they die of stress-induced heart attacks. It was revealed in Thursday night's episode that Ann once went on a date with Perd, and now we learn what it is to live "Hapley" ever after.

Ann realizes that she can only be happy with a man who is completely and utterly straight with her, and that man is Perd.

Mark and Ann plan to move to upstate New York, where their child will be able to partake in the competitive youth lacrosse circuit.

Ann and Tom stay together after she moves in, and they auction off their baby's name to the highest bidder in an online publicity stunt.

"I know there are people who are Leslie and Ron shippers, as they say, but their relationship is so great as platonic friends without any hint of any interest in each other. If you aren't watching, well, you probably didn't make it all the way down to the end of this article.

episode for Ann (Rashida Jones) and Chris (Rob Lowe), who are moving from Pawnee to Michigan to have their baby and start their new lives together.

America cried last night as Parks and Recreation 's Leslie Knope bid farewell to Ann Perkins, who was moving to Michigan with Chris Traeger and their unborn child.