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- page 78 Lord Ganesa Valampuri Vinayaka - Mylapore - Car festival-Arupathumuvar - page 294. Courtesy: French Institute of Indology, Pondicherry. Murthi's from the various temples converging on thv Mabamagham tank - pages 260 - 2 . As has been explained in the case of each festival, many of them are religion-oriented and so associated with the local temple or some important temple of great renown in the whole country.

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Distribution of Festivals 29 Absence of Festivals in Vaikasi and Ani 29. Tiru Adirai the Ardra darsanam, Nataraja's dance at Chidambaram. Pusam - the Thaip-pusam festival at Tiruvidaimarudur, Vadalur etc. Uttiram - Panguni Uttiram, Brahmot - savant festival in all temples; Ani uttiram being the Anit-Tiru- manjanam again abhishekam to Nataraja and His Dance at Chidambaram. A few examples out of the traditional ancient festivals under each head may be mentioned : Social - Dipavali, Pongal. There are besides some festivals which are merely domestic, i.e., confined to the one family where they are celebrated. Puram - Adip-puram festival for Sakti in all temples. Some of the religious festivals are also temple festivals? The fourteenth, Chaturdasi in Masi is held sacred to Siva and Sakti as Sivaratri. The dvadasi following Vaikuntha ekapasi on the day on which the previous day's fast and vigil have been ended, is important. The New Moon day and the Full Moon day have their own importance.

The Naraka chaturdasi , fourteenth day in the dark fortnight of Aippasi, is the most popular festival known as Dipavali.

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ARUNACHALAM Gandhi Vfdqalaijam Tiruchitrambalam - Tanjavur District. Similarly, ma ly classical books of a puranic character in the Tamil language deal with the vratas and important observances relating to the respective religions.

i98tr Lord Muruka with Valli and Devasena Tiru Alankadu, Tanjavur District. As examples may be cited the Upadesa kandams by Koneriyappar and Jnanavraodayar, Brahmottara Kandam by Varatunga rama Pandiyar, Kurma puranam and Kasi Khandam by Ati Virarama Pandiyar, Machapuranam by Vada- malaiyappa Pillaiyan, and several others.

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