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As it is now, the TC primary chain, clutch and inner primary cover all must be disassembled, and the swing arm taken apart too, just to replace the rear drive belt.The time, money, grief to change a drive belt with the TC is awful.

Harley-Davidson will still need a engine/transmission redesign so the belt drive is on the right side of the frame, like it is on the Sportster models.For most, it a comfort thing and it usually requires a shallow-pocket custom seat so you can sit further back, 4" to 6" pull-back risers and mini-ape handlebars so you can sit further back, along with extended foot controls so you can sit further back... All of the these items are available from H-D and aftermarket.I find the Mustang seat is a better deal and a better fitment selection. I do not recommend any other Sportster model than the 1200 Custom. The heads, cams, pistons, crankcases are all different.The only way I would own a Twin-Cam engine motorcycle is it would have to be brand new and always under warranty, then trade it in and buy another new Harley before the warranty expires.This method is expensive, but so it keeping a Twin-Cam out of warranty which can result in financial ruin. A gas or diesel internal combustion prime mover is an engine.Question: Your article on buying Sportster's is great, but I have fitment concerns. For some reason or another this totally escapes their mind.

Answer: I know what you are saying as a many prospective buyers in a dealer showroom do not realize a Sportster can be customized to fit you.

You will need Progressive Suspension rear shocks (#430 stock length size are fine) as the poor quality of the stock shocks are horrible spine-slammers and, I loudly proclaim, are outright dangerous to a backbone's health... H-D does make nice saddlebags, sissy bar and racks. All the other Sportster's are just not suitable for long rides or touring service. You should just use parts specifically designed for your size engine. I like the sound, feel, the looks, the ride, those pulsing power throbs hammering the frame... But, I do hate those horrific defects the Twin-Cam models have.

A Windvest brand windshield not only looks great, they are small, wind-quiet, non-turbulent so there is no head buffeting, fully adjustable angles and highly functional. You can add a fat gas tank to a Sportster and it will feel wide like a Twin-Cam. You could customize the other new 2012 and later models to your liking and to your fitment... The 1200 Custom is an "almost there" touring bike and it is with just a few minor additions/alterations for comfort as described in Question #1. Each year Harley-Davidson improves its engines trying to fix those nagging engine defects to some degree or another and it becomes a nightmare to try to interchange parts. H-D could fix all of them, but for some reason or whatever they don't or delay doing so.

You can fix many of the TC engine defects too, but the cost is just unbearable and is not worth the effort, at least in my opinion.

If you got money to burn, then go ahead, but realize you are voiding your H-D factory warranty too!

You got to disassemble all that fairing junk on your Touring model which can take hours of your time just to get to the steering head bearings to make the adjustment.