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It saw both teams Johor FC and Johor FA would be placed under a single management to ensure the stability of both teams.All Johor-based clubs except for Johor FC and Johor FA were withdrawn from the M-League.

The team eventually finished fourth in the Malaysia Premier League for the 2012 season.The club earned an automatic promotion to the Malaysia Super League during the 2006–07 season after Football Association of Malaysia's decision to expand the league to 14 teams and was respectively a regular top 5 finisher in the league.Johor FC was the first club team in Malaysian football league to enter Malaysia Cup in 2000 under English manager Bruce Stowell.Part of the plan was to consolidate its football teams into a single representative competing in the M-League.At the end of the 2012 season, Johorean football was in poor state.In 1998, Johor FC was promoted to the second tier Malaysian football league, the Liga Perdana 2 and won the title in 2001 which granted a promotion to first division, the Liga Perdana 1.

After two years in top division of the league, Johor FC were relegated to Liga Premier after failed to achieved promotion to Super League during the 2003 season.

JDT is the first team in the country to win four consecutive league titles (2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017).

Before this achievement, no team had ever won the league championship more than twice in a row since the league system was first introduced in Malaysia in 1979.

Officially, 2013 is the first year in which the Southern Tigers made its debut under the new transformation initiative.

A fully refurnished Larkin Stadium was made to accommodate more fans.

Johor based teams were underperforming and struggling in the M-League.