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Over accomodating for fat people

over accomodating for fat people-82

As of this writing (3 days later) I do not have my bike yet.

In Brunswick, he just rolled it right off for me, no muss no fuss. My bike failed to make it with rest of baggage in both directions from US to France.It was delivered two days after we arrived in France.The bike again failed to show up with our regular baggage on our return trip to US.None of their employees either on the phone nor in person had the straight story on how big, how heavy, or the price of the "extra" baggage.Finally, I just had to go with the bus driver's word on all three of these things, and even ended up unloading the luggage off the bus *myself* to get my bike in there, then reloading it.(0033 1 55 69 84 68) I flew business class that entitled me to 'Priority Baggage' and also paid the $150 fee for the bicycle.

Apparently priority carries little weight since they blew it both ways.

) charge for the JAL flight was to to check it only to Chicago.

Once there, I had to claim the bike, and lug it, my French horn and another carry-on onto the train to go to a different terminal to catch the JAL flight.

If you can at ALL afford an airline, then by all means do it. I know members of LAB and Adventure Cycling can get free bike transport if they book the flight with the org's official travel agency, but don't know if this also applies to international flights.

The LAB offer is good on Northwest, TWA, USAir, Continental, America West and Western Pacific.

We had to rearrange the luggage to get the bike in the van, and it was a tight fit.