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Outgoing introvert dating site

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] #1 People think you are an extrovert, but you don’t feel like it.

But, on the inside, they view the world in very different ways. It is the type of person who throws caution to the wind in social situations.Putting themselves all in, and all out there, they will be the first ones to introduce themselves, to walk up to a stranger and just start talking.Extroverts are people who focus on things outside of themselves while introverts are mostly in their heads.Although being outgoing, an outgoing introvert is still thinking about themselves even when engaging with others.And maybe they even crave being the center of attention.

The opposite of outgoing would be what most people think of as the introvert.

Someone who is introverted doesn’t ever want to entertain a crowd, while an extrovert is all about entertaining a crowd all the time.

So they wouldn’t notice if they were engaging or not.

A quiet get-together is the perfectly controlled place to show your outgoing side while still maintaining your introverted nature. Although intriguing to you, it takes you a lot of energy to make idle talk to get to the real crux of the matter.

Afterward, all that wasted energy has you not wanting to do it anytime soon.

If you are someone who can walk into a party one time and be a wallflower, but other times find the scene intriguing and want to be social, then you may just be an outgoing introvert.