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It will be observed that there is one frame only on each side of the fire-box and inside the wheels, and that this frame receives the cylinders.

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The train is drawn from the cast-iron cross frame, which, together with the longitudinal frames, is so attached as to allow of the free expansion of the boiler, to avoid any strain being put upon the latter by the haulage of the train, and to free it from the contortions formerly occurring when rigidly connected with the frames at several points. The joint of each steam-chest cover is in the centre line of the valve spindle, so that when the cover is removed, ready access to the valve facing is obtained. The valve gearing is of the ordinary shifting link class. Since that time increase of size has been everywhere found to be a necessity ; and while the outside frames of inside cylinder engines have been generally got rid of, the inside cylinder arrangement has been almost universally adopted, notwithstanding the disadvantage presented in it of a cranked driving axle. Great Northern Eailwat Express Engine (Plate 1, Fig. In tlie first example of a locomotive, however, to which atten- tion is directed, outside cylinders have been resiimed ; perhaps as a necessary consequence of the adoption of a bogie frame with four wheels instead of a pair of leading wheels, to insure greater freedom in passing round curves at high speeds, for which special object the engine has been designed by the Locomotive Engineer of the Great Northern railway. It therefore became imperative to procure locomotives having additional points of contact with the rails, in order to prevent their slipping, and to affi^rd greater facility for the rapid starting of the trains from the stations, which occur at short intervals. Filled Application (for record) can be printed after uploading the photo & making payment, whereas applicable. 'Apply Online' menu will be available upto the closing date of application. Candidates are requested to furnish all the data correctly.

The slide valves and their gearing are inside the frames, though somewhat nearer to them than in inside cylinder engines.

The boiler is fed by two injectors, and the water can be supplied without reference to the motion of the engine.

The tubes are of brass, two hundred and seventeen in number, and each 1^^ inch external diameter.

The roof is stayed to the external shell by wrought-iron radiating stays, ^ inch in diameter, screwed into the copper plates and into the iron casing.

The fire-box contains a sloping midfeather in such a position as to deflect the heated gases from the fire before B 2 4 MODERN L0COMOTn''ES. The air admitted through the fire-door, and directed by the ordinary deflecting plate, is thus thoroughly mixed up with the heated gases, thereby securing the best possible combustion.

A like state of things exists in most parts of the continent of Europe, where heavy and slow trains, both of passengers and goods, are the rule ; thus permitting the service to be carried on at a much lower rate per ton per mile than the rapid traffic of Great Britain renders possible. The passenger traffic of this kingdom has, of late years, so in- creased, that even express trains are now worked, for the most part, with coupled engines.