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Oracle consolidating different calendars

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This document focuses on the Global Consolidations System (GCS) which can consolidate data from any Chart of Accounts, Calendar or functional currency.In addition, GCS can consolidate data from other accounting systems besides Oracle.

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Enter in the ‘first’ period to be used within the consolidation book.If you have multiple Sets of Books on multiple instances or non-Oracle General Ledger Systems, create dummy sets of books within GCS parent’s database instance.Each of these sets of books represents the subsidiary sets of books on disparate application instances.Account rule maintenance can become extensive when faced with mapping the many different possible code combinations one-by-one or group by group.Segment Rules map company values to company values, departments to departments, etc.Account rules map a specific subsidiary account or a range of accounts to a specific account in your parent set of books.

In most cases, the use of only Segment Rules is sufficient to map the data.

Oracle comes with two Global Consolidation responsibilities: Global Consolidation System Super User and Global Consolidation System User.

The Global Consolidation System Super User has access to certain setup processes while the other consolidation responsibility does not.

I also thought of adding in some extra sub-queries, but wasn't sure how to arrange those, either.

This is similar, but not quite what I want to achieve.

It is recommended to configure separate consolidation book that is not directly fed from any Subledger or non-Oracle information source be defined.