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Dana had lived there for a few years and everyone seemed to like her.Curious she stepped over to it grabbing the handle and opening it slowly.A light shined in her face making it hard to see for a moment before she focused and saw what looked like some sort of temple surrounded by smoke and fire.She turned towards her cabinet and started putting her bread and canned goods away.While her back was turned she didn't notice the carton of eggs pop open on their own.Dana wasn't sure what was going on and was even a little freaked out.

She suddenly heard a noise coming from the refrigerator and a light shining from it.

She was an attractive brunette who always had a certain sexiness to her the people noticed.

She never dressed to impress but she had an aura about her that just made men think she was gorgeous.

After a moment or two it finally opened its mouth and let out a roar that made her whole body shudder. " "More like demons." "Never seen a demon before, I have seen ghosts before so it's not too far fetched." "I saw a demon in my apartment." "Really? " "It was more like an animal, but it did have horns and red eyes." "Interesting." "You don't believe me." "I didn't say that." "Well I saw it 2 days ago and I haven't been home since." "Where have you been staying? " "Really, I'm just too scared to go home." "You're serious aren't you?

A bright light shined from its throat as the roar almost sounded like a word. Sorry I don't mean to pry but you've been acting a bit off the past few days." "Just a lot on my mind I guess." "Like what? " "Of course I'm serious, why would I make this shit up Peter?

Usually she wore business casual attire but she was always very polite to everyone in the building.