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We give a limited number of matches per day, and that whole authentic first name, last name, where you went to school, where you work, I think gives it a little more of 'This isn’t like an object that I’m just tossing to the right and tossing to the left.' These are real people.

necdotally, a lot of my friends are now in relationships because of Hinge.The app is currently live in nine cities: DC, Philadelphia, NYC, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and L. Here is the lightly edited interview: Business Insider: How did Hinge come about, what led you to create a dating app?Justin Mc Leod: So that was on my mind, and they were going to throw this last chance dance party where everyone was going to say who they were interested in.Traditional online dating is very lean-forward, purposeful, you wouldn’t want to do that experience on mobile, whereas ours is so simple and lean-back and there’s not a lot of profile that you need to fill out, so it’s an experience that lends itself to mobile.Also the curated batch, showing you people that we think are going to be really good for you, as opposed to you going through this big search, it just again lends itself to a 3.5 inch screen.In the past year or so, a wave of dating apps have hit the market and changed the way young professionals connect.

Picking up a partner at a bar has been replaced with a swipe on a smartphone, and even writing a traditional profile has been replaced with a quick sync to Facebook. Taking part in this revolution is Hinge, a dating app that matches you with Facebook users that you're connected with through mutual friends. Business Insider spoke with Justin Mc Leod, the founder and CEO of Hinge, to get an update on the company as well as the online dating culture in general.

We decided to build a product that people love and make sure everyone’s using it.

We have pretty good reach in New York, but we’re building up in other cities.

It’s just a combination of who you liked in the past, what their attributes are, and finding more people like that who are within your world of social connections.

So if you always like Jewish guys and you never like guys who are under 5’7” and you don’t like lawyers but you really like people working in media, we’ll learn that over time and we’ll start showing you more and more of those types of people.

In our most recent city, LA, we had like 40 something percent of people in LA knew one person on Hinge, so it makes sense for us.