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What started as a fun browse has turned into an important resource. Local note: Our pals Liz and Jamiel at Tandem Felix Letterpress have opened their "Curiosity Shop" and are hosting an opening party tonight from 6-10pm as part of the Pilsen Art Walk.(They're on the third floor at Lacuna Lofts.) "It's taken too long for Tracey Emin and Henry Miller to find each other.

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"You take the thing and you blow it up until you could see what was going on, then cut a piece out and stick it down.Mandatory reading, a really great interview, full of stories.The Fifty-Nine Parks Series "is a celebration of our National Parks" with individual screen-printed posters by a raft of prominent designers. I always thought the agency would go up in smoke at any moment. I should have been having a ball because we were doing so brilliantly well. " Local Note: We love Chicago's Starshaped Press, Jen's print work is jaw-dropping-amazing and she's hosting Starshaped's Sweet Sixteen Open House this Saturday, where she'll announce a new secret project.To that end and in celebration of the upcoming Kentucky Derby, they have collaborated on an infographic poster depicting Hunter S. We'd steal it, but it'd be like stealing a particle accelerator; we couldn't hide it and we'd never figure out how it works anyway.Thompson's famous essay on the 1970 Kentucky Derby, The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved. "...qualities of lightness and informality happened to make the postcard an ideal medium for a certain stripe of visual artist in the 1970s and 1980s." Recto Verso on the postcard collection of Ulises Carrión. "Because they were printed in limited quantities it was rare for any of them to survive."Of course they weren't the only ink company around and in the mid-1890s they began running full-color poster advertisements in trade publications such as The Inland Printer, The Printer and Bookmaker and The American Bookmaker.

Covers for Der Orchideengarten which "ran for 51 issues from 1919 to 1921; the editors were Hans Strobl and Alfons von Czibulka, and the contents comprised original fiction, book reviews and reprints in German of notable works of weird literature." —John Coulthart.

Put it across, something big, something exciting." Picturing Anarchy: The Graphic Design of Rufus Segar, covers from the UK magazine of the 60's. "The movies whose posters I analyzed cover a good range of genres.

Perhaps the colors say less about how movie posters' colors as a whole and color trends, than they do about how genres of movies have evolved." Vijay Pandurangan on colours in movie posters since 1914.

"Imagine a time and a place where normal marketing methods didn't dictate process, where the goal of making a poster was to reach an audience who were actually interested in film." The Beautiful Movie Posters of Post-War Germany, an illustrated post by Brandon Schaefer. Use flat color." Stephen Heller on the previously linked Poster-A-Day project, BBCX365 by Johnny Selman.

Kentucky for Kentucky is a website dedicated to promoting the "Kick Ass Commonwealth" of Kentucky. There's one of these wrapped up on a pallet next to our loading dock.

There are some real beauties in there, for example, check Daniel Danger's for Olympic National Park. But I was always shaking..." Norren O'Leary's fab profile of David Ogilvy from 1992. "When Frank began painting posters for Ghanaian movie theaters he was given a clear mandate: If the movie was gory, the poster should be gorier. "A history of electronic music mapped out to the circuit board of a theremin, which is widely regarded as one of the first electronic musical instruments." Electric Love Blueprint, from Dorothy. Jo Walker recently redesigned the covers of Tim O'Brien's classic Vietnam war novels for 4th Estate.