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It's still got a deep, complex combat system, and it's still got a well-defined supporting cast.But it's also an RPG that wears its mythology proudly, confident in its goal of charting the rise of a complete and utter badass. We expect our RPG heroes to experience a gradual learning process, gaining skill and abilities as they discover that, ahh, the pointy end of the sword is best inserted into an enemy.

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Another move catapulted me out of battle with an instant backflip, letting me escape from an imminent battering.The woman explains the situation: the world is on the brink of war and Hawke – the 'Champion of Kirkwall' – can help.There are only two certainties: the first, that Hawke arrived in Kirkwall. The third is unwritten, but simple: any way you play Hawke, he remains one suave bastard.Only very occasionally did I feel neutered by my choice.I've typically approached Bio Ware games as the reincarnation of some major saint, waiving rewards and helping puppies save their lost kittens.I could happily list all my skills and the ways they eviscerated people for the rest of this review, but I have a word count. My favourite skill was called 'Annihilation.' An upgrade of the high-level 'Assassination' move, it made Hawke simply jab two blades into the face of the foe standing nearest to him – at which point, they'd usually burst into a fine scarlet mist.

For every class, every combat skill kills something in a new and exciting way.

At the time of the hillside combat just described, he was making his way to the city of Kirkwall. The dwarf is being forced to tell Hawke's story by a mysterious woman dressed in the robes and symbols of Thedas' hyper-religious Chantry.

I killed the final Darkspawn, and the camera yanked out and away to a darkened room, and a dwarf with a hairy chest. This is Dragon Age 2's big conceit, and part of the reason the game hangs together so well.

Worse, the people you've wronged won't necessarily target you.

You're all right, you've got knives as big as your arm and a pocket full of potions.

I'd resigned myself to selecting the goody-twoboots option throughout Dragon Age 2, and cringing as I politely thanked the man who tried to stab my kidneys out.