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Therefore, they do not pay the health care tax levied by the central government from 1 January 2007 and did not pay the tax levied by the counties prior to 2007 or any municipal taxes.

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The 5 state administrations (statsforvaltninger;singular statsforvaltning) are the representations of the central government in the five regions.However, in eastern Denmark (Region Zealand and the Capital Region) the regions and 45 out of 46 municipalities share one employment region and transit is handled by a single transport agency, Movia.The remote Bornholm Regional Municipality situated in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and the westernmost part of Poland is a 100% owner of its own mass transit agency, BAT, formerly (before the island's county was abolished 1 January 2003) Bornholms Amts Trafikselskab and is its own employment region.The counties were financed both through their own county tax and in addition through block grants from central government.The archipelago of Ertholmene slightly to the northeast of Bornholm is not part of any region or municipality.They belong to The Ministry of the Interior and Health. These administrations are not subordinate to the regional councils, but rather the direct presence of the state (similar to governorates or prefectures in certain countries).

A state administration office exists in each region, supervising the daily business of municipalities and regions, and functioning as a body of appeal for citizens who wish to complain over a decision by the municipality or region.

In 2012 this tax was lowered to 7%, 2013 6%, 2014 5%, 2015 4%, 2016 3%, 2017 2%, 2018 1%.

This follows an agreement on taxes by the Folketing from 2009.

The taxes of the municipalities was increased by 3 percentage points from 1 January 2007.

These 3 percent are for patient care, which was previously a part of the county tax.

The Regions of Denmark were created as part of the 2007 Danish Municipal Reform.