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Online dating stutterers self

I dont have many friends but the ones i have i think are enough for my liking.

Most people just need to hear it for a few minutes and then they would get used to it. It takes a few minutes and then they don't even hear it anymore.BTW, if you don't like the stuttering, you do know that there is a clinic right where you live that treats it, right?:)Hi OP, I would have to agree withwhat has already been said, the stutter will put some people off, but then again we all have something, that will eventually put someone off, the stuter is just obvious as soon as you approach someone.My advice would actually be to take yourself over to the profile review forum, I think your profile is hurting you more than any stuttering ever would. Still, it isn't good to be overshadowed in your personal ad by a little kid, no matter how totally awesome she is. Anyway, about the stuttering, since it eases up as you get to know someone better, I don't think it's that big a deal.Also I have to ask..your message you say "I just love my sister too much." What does that have to do with anything? Some girls will be put off by it, but they're probably not the girls you want to date anyway.My last relationship was with someone who actually had a slight stutter which got worse when he was nervous or stressed.

It didn't put me off and equally there will be girls you meet that won't be put off either by your stutter. You are sweet sounding, just forge ahead in the written word no one can know :) Personally I find it kinda cute :)Right there with you bro. Guys frequently made fun of me on the site (like thats gonna get me to date you??

We were discussing the usual things: where we live, what we like to do, and I of course mentioned my incredible love of my life and the greatest passion I have, which is working for the National Stuttering Association.

Things were going pretty well and then I heard the dreaded "goodbye" from AOL.

So i meet lots of people there but i am kinda afraid to initiate a convo with someone.

So like in order for my speech to get better i need to get to know a person so my brain gets kinda used to the person but like i am afraid girls gonna turn me down and stuff.

Going through school, I knew a few kids who stuttered. If somebody likes you for you, they won't care about it either.