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If you have questions, contact Norman Payroll and Employee Services or the HSC Payroll Office.

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Procedures for tracking time depend on which campus the employee is on.Visit with your accountant or tax adviser if you have more questions about your 1042-S tax form.Update Address by December 31: To avoid having your W-2 sent to the wrong place, please update your address in Employee Self-Service by December 31, or contact Payroll and Employee Services.Sooner Credits are used for the core insurance programs: medical, dental, life insurance, and accidental death & dismemberment.Full and part-time employees classified to work between 20 and 40 hours per week are eligible for benefits. 292.12) requires that state employees receive their paychecks electronically through direct deposit to a checking or savings account.Anatomy of Your W-2 Tax Form: Everything you want to know about your W-2 Tax Form is on this one-page tip sheet.

Visit with your accountant or tax adviser if you have more questions about your W-2.

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You can review the most useful paycheck-related information below.

Often student employees in Norman must pick up their first paycheck.

This can be done in Payroll Distribution, which is not part of Payroll and Employee Services.

The 1042-S tax form reports earnings that are covered under a tax treaty.