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Thursday marks the second occasion that Teva earnings have sparked a selloff for generic drugmakers and the pharmaceutical supply chain.Teva is scheduled to report third-quarter earnings on Nov 2.

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FOA continually updates our technical materials, online and printed, and our curriculum to ensure our readers have access to the latest technical information and our schools teach the latest technology and applications. FOA created the FOA Online Guide as a non-commercial trustworthy technical reference almost a decade ago so the industry would have a reliable technical reference.FOA is a "virtual organization" - we have no "brick and mortar" presence.We operate over the Internet with operations centered in California, with active workers and volunteers in locations as diverse as Texas, Ohio, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Denmark, South Africa, the Middle East and many more.When the FOA was founded as a non-profit professional society in 1995, our charter was to promote professionalism in fiber optics through education, certification and standards.Nothing in our charter has changed in the last 22 years - we're still dedicated to educating a workforce that can be respected for their efforts to make fiber optics the backbone of the world's communications systems.Teva shares plummeted nearly 18%, while fellow generic drugmakers Perrigo Co. shares dropped 2.1% , Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. This past summer, Teva's earnings report sparked a wider and extended sell off in industry shares.

Teva shares have plummeted 62.8% over the last three months, compared with a 4.2% rise in the S&P 500 .

FOA offers its training programs to other organizations at no cost to help them train their members properly in fiber optics.

For example, FOA has been working with the Electrical Training Alliance (IBEW/NECA) for over 20 years, training their instructors for their apprenticeship programs.

Skills Certifications (for installers and techs, requires CFOT): CFOS/S (splicing), CFOS/C (connectors/termination), CFOS/T (testing), CFOS/FC (fiber characterization).

Applications Certifications (for techs or anyone, including managers and supervisors): FTTH (fiber to the home), CFOS/L (optical LANs), CFOS/DC (data centers), CFOS/A (fiber to the antenna), CFOS/DAS (distributed antenna systems) and CFOS/W (fiber for wireless)FOA monitors the trade press, websites and other resources continually to look at what's happening in many technologies that affect fiber optics.

In 2017, the number of online sessions doubled to 200,000.