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Online dating game mmorpg

I was really excited about the fact that I could work on an MMORPG that was based off of the Harvest Moon series and also a game whose vision is to change the game community’s diversity which I think is long overdue.

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Frankly, I love all things pumpkin, so a game with pumpkin in the name grabbed my attention.The racial identity of your character is not pigeonholed because you can select a wide range of skin tones.And finally, the body shape and size has many more options than is typically found in these games.Unfortunately, this does mean that it will take longer to complete our project.[Malik]: I wholeheartedly agree with what Monique said.I personally have worked 30 hours some weeks, with a full time job, just so I can get a task completed to show for our Kickstarter.[Monique]: Personally, I had just graduated with a Game Design degree and after applying for jobs for a year I had no luck because companies rarely hire without prior game experience.

So while working a minimum wage job I realized the only way for me to get into the game industry was to actually make a game myself.

[Monique]: Well the main reason is I’m an African American female and I’m not represented very much in games.

In character creation for games, even if you have the option to play as someone with a dark skin tone, no one else in the game world has that skin tone.

We are seeing the rise of more and more Indie game developers.

What brought your group of people together to start Pumpkin Interactive and develop Pumpkin Online?

You can hang out with other players, you can craft as many items as you can, you can do quests for NPCs, form friendships with or date NPCs. We want to make a game with many mini activities you can choose from to customize your gameplay experience.