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Online dating cebu philippines

as im loving filipina, religous, I am from Philippines seeking for a lifetime partner. Who really need a simple Love that leads into marraige.

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It’s basically just for fun and getting to know strangers.Gone is the days that people go to clubs or bars to find short term dates, online dating is the solution to meet your life mate. Im a simply filipina cebuana, im a sweet girl, loving, caring, a happy cebuana, I loves the way to cook my man of my life, as serve him for the rest of my life for better and for worst. I have average body built, black hair and 5'6 tall. And live in a simple Life together the man in my life. I get a lot of feedback from friends who tried using any of those Dating Apps mentioned and gave up using them because they can’t find their match, or they like someone but that someone doesn’t respond back.NEWS FLASH: That’s not how Online Dating (App-based) works!A great and effective way to initiate a chat conversation is by using pick-up lines. ’ or ‘why’, my next response is “I’m GUILTY of Starting to FALL In LOVE With You”.

You can use any pick-up lines online, in the movies, or if you’re creative, make one yourself. And most likely, they’ll just laugh and you can choose any topic you’d like to talk about.

Let me tell you these 5 ONLINE DATING RULES (Cebu and Philippine Version) so you’ll have a great and awesome time using them…

Please don’t be desperate and hope that the next person you’ll have a match will eventually be your lifetime partner.

Remember the Golden rule, if you want others to ‘like’ or swipe right your profile, then do the same thing by liking and swiping everyone’s profile.

By doing this, you’ll know who among the users ‘like’ you instead of you waiting that someone you ‘like’ liked you back (loser).

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