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Ulrich attended several imperial meetings and synods, such as at Ingelheim in 948, Augsburg 952, Rome in 972 and again at Ingelheim in 972.

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As morning dawned on 4 July 973, Ulrich had ashes strewn on the ground in the shape of a cross; the cross sprinkled with holy water, and he was placed upon it. Places that were named after him are said to be host to healing abilities.His nephew Richwin came with a message and greeting from the Emperor Otto II as the sun rose, and immediately upon this, while the clergy sang the Litany, Saint Ulrich died. Afra church he had rebuilt in Augsburg; the burial was performed by Bishop Wolfgang of Ratisbon. Attesting to his early cultus, there is a very beautiful miniature from the tenth century in a manuscript now in the library of Einsiedeln.Many miracles are said to have been wrought at his grave; only 20 years after his death, Ulrich was canonized by Pope John XV on 4 July 993.He was one of the most important props of the Ottonian policy, which rested mainly upon the ecclesiastical princes.He constantly attended the judicial courts held by the king and in the Imperial Diets.Ulrich, known for the rigidity of his morals, upheld the marriage of priests.

Ulrich was also steadfastly loyal, as a prince of the empire, to the emperor.

The Bishop's men defended bravely and killed the leader of the attack, forcing the Hungarians to withdraw.

That evening Ulrich returned to the city to direct throughout the night the repair and strengthening of its walls.

He was the first saint to be canonized by a Pope, rather than by a local authority.

Along with saint Afra, Ulrich is a patron saint of Augsburg.

The Duke of Swabia presented him at the court of Henry I of Germany, where Ulrich became one of the household retainers. When in the summer of 954 father and son were ready to attack each other at Illertissen in Swabia, at the last moment Ulrich and Bishop Hartbert of Chur were able to mediate between Otto and Liudolf.