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It includes Somerset Island (named after the English county of Somerset, like Somerset in New Jersey 08873, USA and other places with Somerset in their name, like Somerset in Massachusetts).

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Public transportation, meanwhile, is still a big problem for residents in the Watford Bridge and Boaz Island areas. The husband had not quite made up his mind who to vote for but their son said he supported the OBA.In a report released yesterday, the Cross Island Legacy Committee established to find a use for the nine-acre parcel of land currently housing the Americas Cup Village recommended that it should be used for an integrated blue/green business hub.Indoor agriculture, aquaculture and renewable energy would be incorporated, said the committee.He also wants to see more job opportunities and expressed concern about Bermudians going away to learn a trade only to come back and find employers favoring foreign workers.Regarding the Americas Cup, he said many people in the area felt like they had been overlooked for something that has no benefits at all.But she also said she had never relied on the Government for anything and was making no demands.

Instead, shed like to see people take more responsibility and complain less.

Mr Scott won the seat at the last election by just eight votes and The Royal Gazette spoke to area residents to find out where they stand and get their take on local issues in the run-up to July 18.

For George Hassell, who was still undecided as to who he would vote for, better guidance programmes and more activities for the youth are a priority.

However, a fellow Boaz Island resident, who grew up as a staunch PLP supporter, said he wouldnt have a problem if the OBA got back in.

While still unsure who will get his vote, he said: Im for who makes the island better and more relaxed.

She added: When I came here, there were 12 Bermudas: With only two Bermudas, weve progressed.