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Online anonymous sexting

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And this may come as no surprise, teens who engaged in sexting were more likely than others to find the activity acceptable. Here are some of the findings: This study can be found at: This is not a new thing and it's completely normal.They had "justified" their behavior to the point that they didn't view it as wrong. Teens may be curious as to what others look like naked and also easily aroused by nudity. Peer pressure to participate in sex could be another reason teens are succumbing to sending racy pics of themselves.

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Unfortunately for teens, this area of the brain is not fully developed.Plus, more and more college reps and prospective employers are seeking information about candidates and they're doing this online. Young people need to know that it's okay to have desires and feelings.What they find online could sway their decision about whether or not the person lands the job or gets accepted into the school of his/her dreams. Talk to your teens about the impact and consequences of acting out sexual desires and how they can stay true to their morals, values and beliefs when faced with adversity.Historically sexual material has been distributed by means of: drawings, photographs, and videos.Then along came the internet through which electronic devices and social media outlets have changed the game of sexual exchanges.So, just what is sexting, who's doing it, why are they doing it, and what are the consequences?

I'll attempt to answers those questions and more in this blog, "The Dangers of Teen Sexting." What is sexting?

In fact, it doesn't fully mature until the early to mid-twenties.

So, while we expect our teens to know better, the fact is there are some physiological reasons teens think they're invincible. Emotionally Emotionally sexting can take a toll on a person, especially if it backfires and gets into the wrong hands.

New research shows that approximately 20-30 percent of teens have sent and/or received a sext.

Plus, according to research those teens who are sexting or propositioned to send a sext are more likely than their peers to have sexual intercourse.

About twice as many teens admitted to receiving a sext.