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[Read: Affairs in a marriage and the games egos play] 12 subtle signs of an unhappy marriage If you’re in a marriage or even in a long term relationship, keep an eye on these subtle signs.You may accept them as a part and parcel of every relationship, but in reality, they can tear your marriage apart even before you realize it. If you’re in a happy marriage, your partner should be your true confidant.

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Do you feel more comfortable talking to someone else outside the marriage about your secrets?The subtle signs of an unhappy marriage A marriage or a happy relationship never falls apart for one reason.More often than not, even if you’re stuck in a marriage that doesn’t give you happiness, you’d choose to ignore the red signs. [Read: 12 real signs of true love in a relationship] So if a marriage or a romance is so easy to read, why is it that so many of us are surprised and even shocked when our relationship falls apart one eventful day, *out of the blue*? And if both of you are unhappy in the marriage, you’d know it too!If your needs seem justified, you have a right to expect it from your partner.

If your needs seem to be high-maintenance, you need to decide what holds more value to you, your needs or your marriage.

Unfortunately though, most of us never care enough to pick the little flaws and rework on the marriage.

It’s just so much easier to give up and walk away, especially when egos enter the picture.

In a secure relationship, both partners talk about their crushes and sexual fantasies with someone else without really feeling awkward about it.

[Read: How to sexually fantasize about someone else with your partner] #7 Different life directions.

When you lose hope of ever changing your partner or helping them see their flaws, you’re in the no-complaints relationship.