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Not dating in your 20s

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You’re willing to invest money in finding a love that lasts, so you don’t begrudge paying out.Doing so helps weed out a lot of weirdos, so it’s well worth the price. Baggage Dating in your 20s: You’re most likely dating people who have emotional baggage.

Dating in your 30s: You’re able to step up your game and do classier (read: more expensive) things. You’re more worried about what the person will be like than how much it’s going to cost you to go out.The most you have to deal with is someone who is heartbroken from a previous relationship, or someone dealing with tough issues with their parents.Dating in your 30s: You’re dating people with ex-wives and kids.If you try to mention the word “marriage”, people look at you like you have two heads.They are more likely to ask you why you’re in a rush and try to get you to slow down.A guy can be great, but if he isn’t passionate or complicated, then you’re more likely to leave.

You’re not trying to settle down – you want fun and excitement in your relationship.

They try to set you up with someone and think they’re helping, but it just adds a lot of unneeded pressure. Relationships with exes Dating in your 20s: You recycle your exes because you think they’ll change.

There’s that one ex that you tend to be constantly breaking up and getting back together with.

Dating in your 30s: Everyone around you says you’re not rushing things enough.

People are more likely to ask if you want kids if you haven’t had any already.

You’ve had hookups that stemmed from the club, but it rarely went anywhere beyond that.