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Norwegian dating marriage

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If anyone under 18 years of age wants to get married, they must have the consent of the person or persons who have parental responsibility for them and of the County Governor.

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These checks are based on the parties' own declarations (declarations by the parties to the marriage, bridal declarations/declarations by sponsors), the National Registry's information and other relevant documentation. A person who wants to get married must be at least 18 years old.Before a marriage can be entered into, the conditions for marriage must be proven.This means it must be checked that those who are going to get married fulfil the conditions stipulated in the Marriage Act.According to the General Penal Code, anyone who forces someone to get married may be sentenced to imprisonment for up to six years.Aiding and abetting in this is punishable in the same way. The parties who are getting married must not be closely related to each other. It is not against the law for cousins to get married but it is important to note that if the parents are related to each other there is an increased risk of having children who are ill or have congenital deformities and of stillbirths, cot deaths and children with reduced life expectancies.• If either of the parties has been divorced in a foreign country, this divorce must usually be approved by the County Governor.

This takes place pursuant to the Act relating to the recognition of foreign divorces and separations.

A person who gets married despite the fact that he or she is already married may be sentenced to imprisonment for up to four years.

If the other spouse did not know about this fact, a prison sentence of up to six years may be imposed. Married persons who reside in Norway may be punished according to this provision if they enter into a new marriage abroad.

Couples can also be married by a belief community that is entitled to perform wedding ceremonies.

Church weddings may be conducted by a clergyman of the Church of Norway or a priest or minister of a registered religious community.

This means they must not be siblings or relatives in a direct ascending or descending line (i.e. The Norwegian Directorate of Health has published an information brochure about having children when the parents are related to each other.