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Norwegian dating culture

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Each furnace ran on a cyclical program, until the slag pit was full.

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At the moment, no one really knows how Iron-Age Norwegians learned to make iron. The furnace dates from around 100 AD.“It’s an exact copy of furnaces in Trøndelag.But where did the expertise to smelt the ore come from?And how did it actually get to Norway to begin with?However, there is also evidence of iron production in Turkey from 4000 years ago. In sparsely populated Norway, where much is preserved, there are hundreds of places with evidence of this production, from areas where the ore was collected to places where the iron was extracted from the ore.The Celts improved the metal by adding some carbon and thus making steel. Today, the most common sign of ancient iron production is the slag heap.Researcher Amy Lusher, who wrote Niva's report, told VG that little is known about the consequences for humans of eating microplastics.

“There is increasing awareness around this problem.

“We must now assess the consequences of plastics in mussels, whether it can affect populations and how ecosystems are affected,” she said.

Both synthetic and semi-synthetic types of plastic were found by researchers, writes VG.

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The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (Norsk Institutt for Vannforskning, Niva) conducted the research on behalf of the country's Environment Agency (Miljødirektoratet), reports newspaper VG.