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The Igbo have no common traditional story of their origins.Historians have proposed two major theories of Igbo origins.

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At first the Europeans confined themselves to slave trade on the Niger Coast.An official with Malaysia’s education ministry said that last year it tightened its vetting and tracking of overseas students.“We are aware of problems with some international students, especially Nigerians,” the official said.As of March, there were 9,146 Nigerians on student visas in Malaysia, the education ministry said, out of 123,000 overseas students in total.“Once in the country as students, there’s very little effort to verify their studies,” Scherer said.Much of the Sahara is comprised of ergs; with an area of approximately 150,000 sq km (57,915 sq mi), the Fachi-Bilma is one of the larger sand seas. Large, roughly north-south oriented transverse dunes - known as zibar dunes - fill the image frame.

This type of dune tends to form at roughly right angles to the dominant, northeasterly winds.

three equal horizontal bands of orange (top), white, and green with a small orange disk centered in the white band; the orange band denotes the drier northern regions of the Sahara; white stands for purity and innocence; green symbolizes hope and the fertile and productive southern and western areas, as well as the Niger River; the orange disc represents the sun and the sacrifices made by the people This detailed astronaut photograph highlights sand dunes in the Fachi-Bilma erg (sand sea) in the central-eastern part of the Tenere Desert.

The Tenere occupies much of southeastern Niger and is considered to be part of the larger Sahara Desert, which stretches across northern Africa.

A second set of thin linear dunes oriented at roughly right angles to the zibar dunes are formed from finer grains in the same wind field as the larger zibars.

The Igbo are the second largest group of people living in southern Nigeria.

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