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Nigel barker dating model

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Catch their eye and let them know which direction you're going to throw the bouquet in, what you're going to do.If possible, walk through the day with your photographer beforehand.

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The established creative gives his top tips for the bride and groom on how to capture those intimate moments, how to move away from staged photographs and what his secret is to making people fall in love with a picture.Standing in the street or in the church is a bit off the cuff, but once you put people onto a background it gives them a studio feel for a moment.It's so funny how everyone reacts quite differently.CLICK ON PHOTO FOR GALLERY What advice would you give the bride and groom about being photographed on their big day?"Weddings can be the most stressful time for the bride and the groom and they can be nervous on the day."I've been very lucky to have such a long run on television talking about subjects I love —fashion and photography. It isn't because they're the most beautiful girls who walk the planet.

It's because there's something unique about them and their personality tells a story that hasn't been told before or has been told in a different way.

There's a lot of repetition in fashion but we looked for spontaneity and it's not easy to be spontaneous. I've also just collaborated with uk to release over 250 photographs from my personal archive.

Often if you allow yourself to be spontaneous, the honesty in the image makes even the weirdest face or the unusual position look good because you've actually gone for it and you've totally trusted yourself, which is very hard to do." What projects are you working on now? These are pictures that I've taken over the past 15 to 20 years.

All too often the photographer doesn't show up until the day of, which is really no good, but if he does, make sure your maid of honour or wedding planner has gone through things — where you're going to sit, where you're going to throw the bouquet and make sure it's all mapped out so it's choreographed." "Authenticity is what really makes people fall in love with a picture," said Nigel Are photographing the small details just as important?

"For me it's all about those in-between camera moments — the little boy doing his shoelace up, the father straightening his son's tie, the little girls playing with their dresses. Get a photographer who's willing to shoot it and doesn't want everyone to stand still. "The little details are also fabulous if you're making a photo book.

One of the things I often recommend, and I've certainly done it myself, is to ask the photographer to bring an actual drop-down background.