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The conversation went well, and before long, William was thinking about where the night might end.

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Even traditional dating was not immune to these variances, back in the days when blind dates existed before online dating.The creep's message send a detailed and emotionally charged message asking for permission for him to masturbate on her socks. Just to show that "crazy" is not exclusively the domain of male daters, let's take a look at William's creepy online dating story.William matched with an attractive girl on Tinder, and they set up a dinner date.If you have personally talked to one of the millions of people who have tried online dating, you know the results can be a mixed bag.Some find the love of their life and get married after a whirlwind romance, while others have a first date with the creepiest person imaginable.To emphasize just what a mixed bag online dating can be, let's take a look at a few truly unique and memorable online dating successes and horror stories.

In case you are here for moral support after a disaster date, let's cover the horror stories first. Ending on a positive note just feels like right thing to do, and we're sure you'll agree after reading these awful dating experiences.

Dating advice generally recommends sending a personalized message to someone you are interested in because you have nothing to lose.

The creep in this story should forget this advice and should instead remove himself from the online dating pool forever.

Naturally, William simply suggested putting the dog in the bedroom or somewhere the pooch would be out of the way. She wasn't convinced of this logic in the slightest.

Instead, she said "no", adding that her dog "likes to watch".

Right off the bat, let's just say avoid online dating if you are fresh off a relationship split.