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This is especially true in non-persistent environments and published application environments where the user may not log into the same machine each time. A big part of a user’s experience on any desktop is maintaining their customizations.

VMware User Environment Manager, or UEM for short, is one of a few 3rd-party user environment management tools that can provide a lighter-weight solution than Roaming Profiles.It doesn't really matter; don't be picky and contribute to the project anyway, rather than pointlessly duplicating work under another license you like better.(This attitude isn't unique to any particular cultural camp.The Application Migration Tool allows UEM to convert settings from one version of an application to another when the vendor uses different registry keys and App Data folders for different versions.Microsoft Office is the primary use case for this feature, although other applications may require it as well.UEM also includes a couple of additional tools to assist administrators with maintaining environment.

The first of these tools is the Application Profiler Tool.

It's my considered opinion that the most appropriate reply to a serious expression of this attitude involves some fingers, because really, what other reply is there to someone who believes they get to tell you what sort of work you'll do in your free time and what should matter to you? The choice of open source license matters because it changes what sort of work people are doing when they work on a project.

Some people don't care exactly what sort of work they're doing, perhaps as long as it's open source enough (and that's fine).

It can also be used to create default settings that are applied to an application when a user launches it, and this can be used to reduce the amount of time it takes to get users applications configured for the first time.

The other support tool is the Help Desk support tool.

I gave in to the temptation of some bait from a co-worker on Twitter, and it turns out that the conversation has made me want to say a couple of things. There's a not uncommon attitude among (some) people that other people are too religiously attached to various open source licenses and should get over it.