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New beginnings dating langhorne

A republic on the west coast of Africa, between 4° 20´ and 7° 20´ N.

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The climate is deadly to white men, African fever being prevalent.Such are the verses; "Deus Deus meus ad te de luce vigilo"; "Deus misereatur nostri. .illuminet vultum suum super nos"; "mane astabo tibi et videbo"; "Emitte lucem tuum et veritatem tuam"; "Exitus matutinum et vespere delectabis"; "Mane sicut herba transeat, mane floreat et transeat"; "Ad annuntiandum mane misericordiam tuam", etc. Another characteristic of this office are the canticles which take place between the psalms lxii-lxvi and the last three psalms. Lauds, or, to speak more precisely, the Morning Office or Office of Aurora corresponding to Lauds, is incontestably one of the most ancient offices and can be traced back to Apostolic times. Benedict gives us a very detailed description of them in his Rule (chap. There are no harbours, and access to the most important rivers is prevented for vessels of deep draught by a sand-bar.The temperature varies from 56 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, with an average of 80 degrees and a rainfall of about 100 inches a year.Christ: "Illuminare his qui in tenebris et in umbra mortis sedent". In the Benedictine Liturgy, the Office of Lauds resembles the Roman Lauds very closely, not only in its use of the canticles which St.

The hymns of Lauds, which in the Roman Church were only added later, also form an interesting collection; they generally celebrate the break of day, the Resurrection of Christ, and the spiritual light which He has made to shine on earth. Benedict admits, as we have already remarked, but also in its general construction.

In the Roman Liturgy of today Lauds designates an office composed of psalms and canticles, usually recited after Matins. praises) explains the particular character of this office, the end of which is to praise God.

All the Canonical Hours have, of course, the same object, but Lauds may be said to have this characteristic par excellence .

They settled first on Sherbro Island, but in April, 1822, abandoned this site for the more promising location at Cape Mesurado, between Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast.

Here the colony became permanently established, and continued under the management of the Colonization Society until the political exigencies of commercial intercourse with other countries, especially with England, forced Liberia, 26 July, 1847, to make a declaration of independence as a sovereign State.

It is divided into four counties, Mesurado, Grand Bassa, Sinon, and Maryland.