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I am really surprised that Fred puts up with the half wit. Of course, if Fred goes and Andy stays , it could be "Core and Bore". Too bad Bush spent all that money fighting an immoral war in Iraq instead of helping the economy; Core may have been able to keep his job. The comment "No more loud mouth conservative" this person has obviously has never listen to the Chris Core Show. I would listen to Chris Core when he was on in the evening -- even though his politics were quite different from mine, nonetheless he did at least try to make the effort to be rational. Michael Graham landed on his feet in a big way - so will Core. The only am stations making money are the ones with conservative talk show hosts. I missed Chris when he moved to mornings as I work.Considering Core's record I am sure he will be picked up soon. I worked at WMAL for a very, very brief time in the 90's. Chris is a moderate talk show host that most of the time just speaks plain common sense the way an average person would, the way you and your next door neighbor would talk about the issues, unlike most of these talk shows out there that are so far to the left or right and do nothing but regurgitate the same political talking points over and over. Far far more than the sociopathic foamers who replaced him. I've always enjoyed him and for the most part he was not a nutter like Chris Plante, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Andy (I don't believe in God) Parks. The WMAL I remember my m om listening to as I grew up in this area is gone.

They have lost their influenc3 and the stations are losing ratings. While losing one's job is never fun, Chris Core is paying the price for selling out to the Devil - the Devil being WMAL's right wing hate radio agenda.I glad it happened -- and I hope this happens to the rest of them -- Hannity, Rush, and that Hussein spewing idiot in Cleveland. Maybe that is what really did him in, you have to sound like a blithering lunatic to get ratings.Intelligent, thoughtful discourse on the radio doesnt score much these days. Who is this bottom feeder talking about "Super Rich" tax cuts?I know Core doesn't rhyme with Grandy, but he would be so much better than "no facts,fat @ss" Parks.Two days of Andy whining about Mc Cain was about all I could take. Would he vote democrate and be begging for govt handouts now that he's unemployed? I am tired of these smooth jazz station being pulled all the time. What a truly terrible thing to happen, and what a strong argument against the massive concentration of media ownership.Citadel, which reported big losses last quarter and blamed the deteriorating audience for radio, also scrapped the format of one of its other D. For many younger listeners, AM radio is a relic, something they might use to listen to an occasional ballgame, but that's about it. Managers informed Core after his Friday show, leaving him without the chance to bid his audience farewell.

He says he'd like to talk to his audience again, and hopes to do so from another station someday.

But with the new WBIG focused on rock of the 70s and The Globe (94.7) emphasizing post-60s classic rock, there was an opening to try a more traditional oldies sound.

"The greatest hits of all time are back," the new station announced in its first promotion after a few seconds of silence at 3 p.m. The first songs played on the station were Aretha Franklin's "Respect," the Doobie Brothers' "Listen To The Music," Manfred Mann's "Do Wah Diddy," and Earth Wind and Fire's "September." Another promotional announcement featured quick cuts from The Monkees' "I'm A Believer," the Rolling Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," The Supremes' "You Can't Hurry Love," and The Doors' "Touch Me." More in the print edition Saturday.....

I remember Chris Core from Trumbel & Core decades ago. Regardless of what anyone thought of him, after 33 years, would it have been too much to ask for just a tiny bit of notice, maybe a measly 15 minutes, to him so he could have at least signed off one last time and said goodbye to his listeners?

This action reflects very poorly upon the station owner.

Good luck Chris and in the mean time we'll be missing your broadcast. I had been a listener growing up and Chris was one of my radio idols. He was one of the best and was always very gracious and encouraging to me. Most of you posters sound about as looney as the people you are talking about. Stop brainwashing yourselves listning to AM radio, a bunch of loud mouth hypocrites who will cater to any agenda that gives them a pay check and ratings. It is a great loss to the Washington airways not to be able to listen to the Chris Core Show anymore. I guess it is hard for someone who is basically decent to demean himself sufficiently for the "hate radio" that WMAL has degenerated into, except for its weekend money programs. Northern Virginia will be much better off without the bigotry and one sided view of immigration that became a staple of his show. People calling him some rabid conservative are clueless.