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Nas invalidating pack

nas invalidating pack-12

The following table lists all the Unix components and their corresponding titles within the uninstall program's selection menu: The following sections provide additional steps and considerations for uninstalling specific components from the computer.

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If desired, you can browse the backup data from another active client within the same Comm Cell or perform data recovery operations from the component to another active client within the same Comm Cell.Consider the following prior to uninstalling the Comm Serve: Data Agent, Quick Recovery Agent, Recovery Director, and QSnap.When SAN components are installed, additional drivers and enablers may be automatically installed as well.Third customer HTU Graz, one Plone site with several subsites (with lineage), lots of students looking at it, so we have a peak load. If you want to improve things, you must measure it: use munin, everywhere you can. Use a separate mount point for the portal_catalog, with higher cache sizes. In AT, you should avoid to wake up the object, ask the catalog instead. You should point the same request type to the same instance. Main Plone database is ZEO or Postgre SQL, plus blobstorage (NFS, NAS). First things first: never store blobs in ZODB: use blobstorage. ZEO server plus blobstorage: ensure a fast IO to harddisk or RAM, and have enough RAM for disk buffering. Rel Storage: ZEO client polls for invalidated objects. On Rel Storage size you can use memcached, which is a big advantage, reducing load on the database. With Dexterity, it is sometimes cheaper to wake up the object: if objects are small and you iterate over a folder or subtree, or if adding lots of metadata to the catalog would be needed. (To uninstall an application in Windows Vista/Windows 2008, click Uninstall a Program under Programs in the Control Panel.) The following sequence is recommended when uninstalling components from a Windows computer: You can uninstall Net Ware components by inserting the component software installation disc for the Windows platform into the Novell client computer disc drive, or by mapping the disc drive running the component software on another computer.

The following Net Ware components may be removed using the uninstall procedure: Since the component software depends upon the Base software, you must uninstall the component software first.

(See Browse Data for more information.) Once you have uninstalled the component software, the corresponding icon in the Comm Cell Browser will appear dimmed as depicted in the Comm Cell Browser image on the right.

While this icon exists, most components can still perform data recovery operations.

For specific details of the job, such as the reason for a client installation failure, if any, you can view the job details.

For step-by-step instructions, see View Job Detail.

If all software packages are uninstalled from the client or Media Agent computer, it will become a deconfigured component.