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Narut dating

She sighs in relaxation as she then pulls him out of her, and with surprise, Naruto is still hard but can tell that it's nearly there to keep it down."One more time and we're done" said Kyuubi as she then goes on all fours and made her tails disappears as they are in the way."Go on; fuck me like a bitch on heat""Okay" said Naruto as he stood up, gone on his knees and position himself behind her; he the inserts himself into Kyuubi's ass and hear her gasp and moan.

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Naruto then starts to wake up, leaving the mindscape with a "see you later" from Kyuubi and finds himself in the hospital room…again."Damn it; I hate Hospitals" grumbles Naruto"So do I but how can you expect to get medical treatment without them"Naruto turns to see Sarutobi sitting beside the bed, feels like déjà vu to Naruto when he fainted from using his bloodline for the first time."So how did it go?"I need to ask him a favour""Go right in; I'm going myself as a matter of fact" said Sarutobi as he passes through the illusion expert and took out his pipe."Bye"As Sarutobi starts to leave the hospital and heads back to the Hokage Tower; Kurenai closes the door and performs a sound barrier so she can talk to Naruto in private."Er hello Kurenai-san" said Naruto, a bit nervous around her as he has heard about her reputation as "Konoha's Ice Queen". ""Naruto, I have a favour to ask" said Kurenai "It's about Anko""Anko?Not to mention the sight of Anko naked in his mind; then he hears Kyuubi talking to him seductively, making his cock ache even more."Naughty Naruto-kun, placing sexy images of that Snake Whore in front of me, maybe I should give you a spanking" said Kyuubi seductivelymentally spoke Naruto to Kyuubi"Just channel your chakra and create a temporary Shadow clone; I then fuse my chakra in that clone and set me free temporarily" explained Kyuubi "Then I can have that opportunity to fuck you physically, also mentally when you enter your mindscape"said Naruto mentally as he then starts to channel his chakra and creates a shadow clone, then Kyuubi's chakra enters the clone and forms Kyuubi in her human form; she is wearing her Sexy Kunoichi costume and Naruto is trying to stop a nosebleed."You like?" said Kyuubi as she does a sexy pose "I love the outfit you gave me""I did sorta fantasized you wearing that" said Naruto as he averts his eyes"Did you, now" said Kyuubi as she then eyes at Naruto's erection under the sheets "Oh, is that for me; you shouldn't have"Kyuubi then pull out the bed sheets sat on the bed on her knees, she pulls down naruto's pants to free his erection."Mmm, I want this cock to fuck every hole in my body; also massage it with my breasts"Kyuubi then starts rubbing Naruto's cock between her breasts, while sucking on the tip of it in her mouth.

Narut couldn't take more of it and starts cumming in her mouth and spills some on her breasts.

"I'll gladly help her, she's precious to me and it too pains me to see her suffer; I want her to feel only pleasure and comfort"Kurenai then gives Naruto a grateful hug, Naruto blushes as he can feel her breasts squishing on his chest."Thank you, Naruto" said Kurenai "I am forever grateful; now I must tell you about Anko""Like what?

" said Naruto"She's a bit kinky" said Kurenai "Oh scratch that, she's a sadomasochist; she's into BDSM, Bondage and Exhibitionism""Wow" said Naruto as his face was turning red that made Hinata's look like she's only got a fever.

" said Naruto"That question is already answered for you, Naruto" said Sarutobi with a smile "You made me proud""Thanks" said Naruto as he sighs in relaxation until he realized something "Hey, I almost forgot; how is Hinata?

""She is fine; she'll be leaving the hospital this afternoon, what I hear" said Sarutobi "I paid her a visit, most of the time, to see how she is; she is one of my precious people, like all of Konoha is.

Naruto has arrived at the hospital again; he is resting from his mental battle against Kyuubi and won successfully.