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Squeezing my cock harder he groaned as I sucked him into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the end, amazed at the difference between their cocks, their size, taste and texture.

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Running my tongue over the slick head, before curling it under and flicking it a few times, my right hand grasped his ball sac and firmly tugged on his balls.We were soon engrossed in the movie as the two girls began kissing and writhing together but a few nervous glances were exchanged as the two guys started playing around. Within moments both of their cocks were out and being stroked as the two guys on screen really got into it.When they began stroking each others cocks I glanced at Joe who had already unzipped his jeans with his hand inside stroking his cock, "what's the matter? "They've got the right idea" Tom said reaching over and placing his hand close to the bulge in my lap as Joe moved to sit beside me. "Relax" Tom whispered rubbing his hand over the ever increasing bulge in my trousers.Joe pulled me close until our cocks were pressing against each other, then I backed away a bit, and looked down at his penis.He was bigger in length and girth and I felt that exciting tingling in my cock, just like I normally do with Sue and wondered what it'd be like to hold him and maybe even give him a blowjob."Ohhhh….," he groaned and with short thrusts began pushing his cock down my throat and although gagging at first I felt the head of his cock growing, just before it began flooding my mouth with hot cum.

Reaching around I found Tom's cock which was slick with pre-cum and wrapped my fingers around it, feeling it twitch as his hand came around to my stomach to slowly begin moving down until his fingers ran through my pubic hair.

My efforts were rewarded by hearing him moan as my tongue lapped his balls before returning to his shaft and tongued his head a bit, all around the top and sides of it.

Feeling his hands on my head I ran my tongue once more from his balls all the way to the top, but this time as I went down, I moved his throbbing cock head into my mouth.

I couldn't take my eyes off their cocks and my own was now fully erect and pushing hard against my underwear.

Tom reached out to touch Joe's penis with his fingers as Joe wrapped his hand around Tom's.

Slowly they started stroking each other until their hands became a blur as they fisted up and down until Tom's breathing began to get quicker and his body began shuddering and I saw that he was already close to cumming.