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Naked adult females

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Often as not, the spankings also come in threes, because the three girls have always been so close that they tend to get in trouble together. We are a family of five who live in a large, comfortable old frame home.

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Today, a straight-backed chair from the dining room has been temporarily dragged into the living room for a special purpose.They were wearing skin-tight low-cut jeans, and a short blouse that left just enough bare midriff to display their tiny bellybuttons smack in the middle of their perfectly flat stomachs.They displayed their individualism by wearing very different belts. Now there is a word that all three of them were just now wishing that they had never heard!The five of us have had a long “conversation” and their scolding is now almost over.They have all three confessed their misdeeds and apologized to their parents, they are all three in tears, and they all three are sadly aware why this conversation is happening in the living room rather than in the intimacy of the master bedroom.If they had any doubts at all about the ultimate purpose of this meeting, the sight of my old work belt hanging on the back of the couch has surely cleared things up for them.

As soon as it became clear what the girl’s punishment was going to be, there was a big change in Becky’s demeanor, she seemed to become increasingly desperate.

Our “discussion” over, we directed the girls to stand quietly together in a corner, their backs to us, with orders to contemplate both their misdeed and their coming punishment.

This wait is a bit of harmless but useful drama that we feel makes their coming lesson vastly more memorable.

Leaning over, I reached down and untied each of Dorothy’s shoes.

As she obediently lifted each foot, I eased off its shoe and peeled off her sock.

hen you are the parent of triplets, all of life seems multiplied in threes.