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She first worked with Médecins Sans Frontières in Liberia, after qualifying as an ob-gynae in 2008.

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In Turkey, she mentored the mental health activities manager in a project for Syrian refugees.Our support is directed both to projects that work with preventive efforts, as well as assisting children who have been abused and exploited.The concept of abuse involves physical, psychological and sexual abuse against children.Rebecca Ullman has a master’s degree in maternal child health from Yale University and a certificate in international public health from the University of North Carolina.In addition, she received training in gender based violence, training of trainers, and community education.Moderator Joanne Silberner is an artist-in-residence in the Department of Communication at the University of Washington, and contributes stories and editing to Global Post, NPR and the BBC/PRI show “The World.” Previously, she spent 18 years as a health policy correspondent at NPR, and another five years covering consumer health and medical research at U.

Childhood’s vision is that no child should be a victim of abuse and exploitation.

Children who are victims of abuse and exploitation need help to process what has happened to them.

Childhood also funds projects that support children legally, a method that often means that all involved parties have knowledge of the rights of the child and work according to the best interest of the child.

In 2010-2012, elements of the Barnahus model were introduced in Belarus.

Child-friendly interview rooms have been established across the country.

She holds both a degree in medicine and a degree in psychiatry from the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. Trigueros is a professor of mental health and psychiatry at the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, and a psychiatrist at the General Hospital San Juan de Dios.